Ball Busting Mistress

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Cruel dominatrixes torturing their male slaves - testicle torture and ballbusting!

Ball Busting Mistress
Affliction Genital Torture

Affliction Genital Torture
Femdom: Satine Phoenix
The world famous Satine Phoenix does her very first CBT video ever! Satine runs her toy through a series of painful, yet sensual variations of CBT. Starting off with him in bondage, she attaches 4 clover-clamps down the length of his cock and forceps to his balls. Every time she w...

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination
Mistress Jean and Veronica lead their bitch boy to the cross by a cock leash. The ladies restrain the bitch to the cross and proceed to whip, cane, twist and torture his cock and balls. Veronica laughs as the slave cries for mercy. Jean twists his dick and nuts up like a pretzel. The ladies are LOVING abusing this bitch's cock and balls. The slut cries out again for mercy but only one thing will stop the ball abuse. The bitch must beg for a brutal bull whipping. Jean and Veronica beat his pathetic excuse for manhood until they are convinced he truly wants to submit to their single tail whips

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Testicle Torture 2005 - 2011

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