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Cruel dominatrixes torturing their male slaves - testicle torture and ballbusting!

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Elise Graves - Vibrating Sound Testicle Torture

Elise Graves - Vibrating Sound
Femdom: Elise Graves
Elise Graves stars in one of her first roles as Dom. She uses various sized sounds and shoves them down her slaves urethra. She decides to see how much he can take and grabs the large vibrating sound. After a long sensual and teasing session, the slave gets off and cums solely from the sensation ...

Heavy Metal Genital Torture

Heavy Metal
Femdom: deviant kade, Simone Kross
Simone Kross works kade over with an intense series of metal devices. These include clover clamps, forceps, and literally every single clamp that Simone had in her arsenal of CBT gear. She is sure to reward kade for enduring such pain by sucking and biting his cock, only causing him to scream even...

Mina's Femdom CBT Debut

Mina's Femdom CBT Debut
Miss Mina Meow makes her debut for CBT and Ballbusting! She places a spiked ball stretcher on her slave jimmy, and squeezes and pulls on it, digging spikes into his cock and balls. She grabs him by his balls and forces him to the ground so she can trample his cock and balls with her ...

Nurse Goddess Soma Genital Torture

Nurse Goddess Soma
Femdom: Goddess Soma
Nurse Goddess Soma has decided there is something wrong with slave jimmy. She decides to examine him in a way that only she can to figure out what his "problem" is. She mummifies his cock with vetwrap, tests him with "cock pushups" before cutting the vetwrap off. She tests his pain threshold with cl...

Debut of Mistress Nightshadow Genital Torture

Debut of Mistress Nightshadow
Femdom: Mistress Nightshadow
Mistress Nightshadow has a little game in store for her play toy. She ties his hands to a point above him, and then runs a rope down though a ring and up to the elastrator band she put on his balls. Then just like a carrot on a stick, she hangs a pair of scissors in front of him. He must pull on ...

Praying to Goddess Testicle Torture

Praying to Goddess
Femdom: Mistress Mona
Mistress Mona catches her slave Kade praying at her altar, praying to be let out of chastity. She releases the lock on his chastity and orders him to get hard while she beats his legs and cock with split drumsticks. She clamps the head of his cock shut and places clamps on his balls as well. She tie...

Slave Sitting

Slave Sitting
Femdom: Mistress O
Mistress O has generously agreed to take care of January Seraph's slave, whom she merely refers to as "boy". Mistress O starts by having the slave standing upright in a metal collar attached to a cage with his legs spread wide so that she has full access to his delicate bits. She's disappointed that...

Sintress Skye's Debut Genital Torture

Sintress Skye's Debut
Femdom: Sinstress Skye
Sintress Skye, as a sexy latex nurse, has her new slave's hands chained above his head and his balls securely fastened in a metal device bolted to the wall. She spends time sensually torturing her new slave with a pinwheel. Sintress Skye then takes a meat tenderizer and pummels his rock hard cock....

Patient 64 Testicle Torture

Patient 64 Testicle Torture
Femdom: Goddess Soma
Patient 64 has come to Goddess Soma for a full examination. Goddess Soma begins the examination by taking the blood pressure of his cock. She smacks his balls repeatedly to test his reflexes. She tests his ball sack's strength by putting a parachute around his balls and hanging weights from the r...

Elise Graves Tension Genital Torture

Elise Graves Tension
Femdom: Elise Graves
Now Elise puts her slave on his hands and knees, to give her easy access to torture his balls. She attaches a parachute to his nuts and then ties rope from it to both of his toes. This causes him to constantly pull on his own balls. With him tied up, she begins to bite his ass and feet, causing t...

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